Assistant. Mentor. Friend.

That’s who Teacher Buddies are!

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Help our teachers succeed wherever you are.

Who are our Teacher Buddies?

Teacher Buddies are experienced teachers who would like to give back to the teaching community
by helping other teachers with their daily tasks.

If you are a retired teacher or someone with teaching experience, come join our growing community
of Teacher Buddies!

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Retired Teachers

Put those years of experience to good use by coaching and mentoring our teachers.

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Top Teachers

Help our teachers succeed with your tried and tested teaching strategies.

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Teacher Trainees

Get an early head start by helping real teachers with their daily tasks.

Why be a Teacher Buddy?

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Earn Extra Income

Help a teacher out and get paid for the task done.

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Flexible Working

Work from anywhere you want, anytime you want.

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Make an Impact

Uplift the teaching community to produce better student outcomes.

Apply To Be a Teacher Buddy Today!

Read the Job Description here.